Our Air Freight Service stands apart from the rest with more than 40 types of aircrafts available.
As 24/7 logistics strategists, we operate 365 days a year to ensure the continuity of the operations of our customers and to support their supply chain.
We handle the marshalling or exchange of government assets for several agencies. If you have a fleet vehicle and need it exchanged once its usable period has expired, we can de-equip the old vehicle and re-equip the new one. This is a turn key operation for the client.
We can coordinate transportation modes to meet individual customer needs and destination requirements via ocean for any shipment size.
We offer a variety of options for auctions to the federal government both, live and online. We handle the bidder’s paperwork on behalf of the federal government. We also handle pre- auction steps like Puerto Rico Police Department (PRPD) or Puerto Rico Treasury Department (also known as Hacienda) verifications.
We have extensive experience working with emergency service orders, even on weekends, for the movement of air, maritime, or land cargo.
Strategically located at the World Cargo Center at the Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport, we have a 60,000-square foot warehouse with the necessary infrastructure to handle all types of storage and warehousing.
We provide on board courier services for sensitive or critical cargo movement to and from Puerto Rico, from anywhere in the world.
Overweight or Over-Sized cargo shipments by air or ocean require experience, resourcefulness and “out of the box” solutions.

“At Prime Air, we play a vital role in the purchasing process of our clients, helping them reach their organizational objectives.” “As business allies with our clients, we continually search for added value and identify opportunities for cost reduction in the supply-chain process.” – Iris Vincent, Prime Air Corp. President”

Caribbean Business Report: “Prime Air: Heavy & Critical Transport for Pharma”

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