We are Prime Air Corp., the 24/7 Provider of Global Logistics Services in Puerto Rico, agents for USA based Stevens Global Logistics. We provide full- service logistics solutions, customized transportation, warehousing and distribution to Manufacturing, Medical Devices, Pharmaceutical, Bio-Tech, Commercial and Energy industries. We also serve USA Federal Agencies.

SINCE 2001


As a member company of the Puerto Rico Manufacturers Association (PRMA) and of the Pharmaceutical Industry Association of Puerto Rico (PIA), Prime Air Corp. has served an active role during the past sixteen years contributing to the development of the cargo and transportation industry in Puerto Rico.

“Through flexible and innovative solutions, we offer logistics services 24 hours per day, every day of the year, for air freight, ocean freight, or land transportation of cargo, storage and delivery of machinery, and equipment or products to any destination in the world. Specialized in the management of emergency services for the manufacturing industry, we also transport oversized and overweight equipment, sensitive and refrigerated loads, hazardous materials, as well as chartered aircraft, among others.”

For over 16 years, we have consistently reached a 99.25 target in timely delivery of goods for our customers.


Given the geographic location of Puerto Rico, virtually every company on the island is vulnerable to service disruption caused by severe weather events such as storms or hurricanes. Our experienced team of experts specialize in offering solutions for the constant and ever-changing local and global challenges that arise in supply chains due to extreme weather conditions. Our innovative approach to logistics ensures the continuity of your business operations.


Provide high-quality and personalized services that meet all the logistics and transportation needs of our customers, displaying an atmosphere of confidence and commitment always.


Provide the best transportation and logistics service that will allow us the opportunity to develop partnerships with customers, while remaining financially stable and safeguarding the best quality of life for our associates.


We focus on helping customers meet their long-term needs and wants.

We try to constantly exceed our own goals and standards to raise the bar on performance and delivery.

Honesty and truthfulness are the basis of our business, helping us build trusting relationships with customers and employees.

We provide an environment where delivery targets are consistently achieved.

We are flexible enough to change along with our customers, evolving to meet their needs.

``Quality, innovation, service, and freshness. A philosophy summarized in four words. To fulfill them, we intend to always be a modern and innovative company, with a highly qualified and professional team``
Cassandra Mendez
Cassandra Mendez
Domestic Customer Service
``... the sense of belonging that each one has within the work team is what adds to the credibility that, really, all the tools are provided to assist us in our work … ``
Angel Alvelo
Angel Alvelo
International Import & Export Manager
“Our sense of pride, as a Puerto Rico-based Woman-Owned Logistics Company, makes us push to achieve our maximum and very best for our customers”
Anaivy Rosado
Anaivy Rosado
Administrative Support
“Because we make sure to consider and explore every option available to address your logistics needs”
Kiara Muñoz
Kiara Muñoz
International Customer Service

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Working 24/7/365, our customer service personnel have the local island knowledge to expertly handle all your inbound or outbound freight. Once shipments arrive, our team covers the details to ensure that deliveries are made correctly and on time.

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